Environmental Safety

In its activity the Company pays the critical attention to the issues related to environment protection and safety.

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

АО “EOR and Well WO Co.” using its Company own labourers and enhanced oil recovery crews in combination with proprietary procedures and equipment performs the following EOR and production stimulation operations:
Flooding control in heterogeneous reservoirs through the injection of cross-linked polymer systems into injectors;
Injection of surfactant sludge, thick water and other compositions;
BH treatment with proprietary “Polyseal-Super” super hydro-phobic material;
Increase in well productivity rates through the application of HCl treatments, thermal/acid treatments, mud acid treatments, foam/acid treatments, treatments by various solvents, surfactants, vibration treatments, reservoir perforation in combination with acid baths and depression in a well-bore, etc.;
Our Company carries out various type of operations or provides a set of these works to each Customer, depending on its current needs.

While performing the EOR operations at ОАО “Surgutneftegas” the Company has injected various viscous-elastic and gelling compositions into more than 250 wells. Total volume of injections has exceeded 30,000 m3.