Environmental Safety

In its activity the Company pays the critical attention to the issues related to environment protection and safety.


АО “EOR and Well WO Co.” actively introduces new technologies into well work-over and enhanced oil recovery operations through the implementation of modern equipment and tools. On an annual basis the Company makes plans of applying innovations, performs the detailed analysis of the achieved results and develops further plans to use these perspective innovations in its business.
Among new technologies tested by the Company of late one may note the following:
1. Drilling of horizontal well extended well-bores and side legs in underbalanced conditions to reduce the impact of negative forces on a reservoir through the preservation of reservoir properties.
2. Improvement of procedures to arrange induced fractures in a reservoir with mainly cavernous/fractured structure through the injection of large water volumes in conditions of high well-head pressure.
3. Application of viscous-elastic and squeeze compositions with various additives  made from various materials and of different composition to control severe mud/washing fluid losses during well work-over  and drilling the lateral bore-holes (side-tracks).
4. Selective reservoir treatments including the horizontal well sections in side tracks by hydrocarbon based squeezing compositions so as to shut-down the most water-cit well-bore intervals.
5. Casing of the open sections of horizontal well-bore extensions by small-sized filters (73 mm and 60 mm).