Environmental Safety

In its activity the Company pays the critical attention to the issues related to environment protection and safety.

Well Work-over

АО “EOR and Well WO Co.” possesses an opportunity to perform independently the complete set of  well work-over jobs, namely:

КР-1 Water shut-off jobs (sealing the water-cut intervals and individual layers by cement and polymers, rectification or building-up the cement bonds)
КР-2 Location of production column leakages (squeeze jobs, installation of internal liner, RIH of additional small-sized casing, partial replacing of the production column)
КР-3 Elimination of all emergency cases resulted during the well service or maintenance jobs (removal of damaged well-bore equipment, BH clearing from foreign objects, etc)    
КР-4 Transition to other horizons and introduction of new layers into production (switching over to upper and lower horizons, introduction of new layers)
КР-5 Installation (removal) of shut-down packers
КР-6 Set of subsurface works related to drilling operations (side tracking to abandon the damaged well-bore sections resulted during well operation, side tracking and construction of new well-bores to penetrate into additional recoverable reserves from previously arranged low-productivity and water-cut wells)
КР-7 BH treatment (acid jobs, mud acid treatments, hydro-fracturing, hydro-sand-blast perforation, vibration treatments, thermal-gas-chemical formation treatments,  other kinds of well treatment jobs)
КР-8 Well studies (reservoir saturation and depletion study, production casing inspection logs, geophysical studies in horizontal wells)
КР-9 Transition of wells for other types of operations (well commissioning for injection, transition to piezometric wells)
КР-11  Well conservation and rehabilitation
КР-12 Well abandonment and rehabilitation
КР-13 Other type of jobs (restoration of circulation, artesian well BH washing-out)


Types of Well Service Jobs Performed at the Fields of ОАО “Surgutneftegas”

Type of well service jobs 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
Water shut-off jobs 36 58 44 35 10
Location of production column leakages 20 26 38 42 10
Rectification of well damages, resulted during the operation or well service
41 58 38 61 9
Side track jobs 193 191 210 233 51
BH treatments 80 96 134 118 28
Other types of well treatment jobs
149 135 191 255 57