Environmental Safety

In its activity the Company pays the critical attention to the issues related to environment protection and safety.

Drilling of Side Tracks

ОАО “EOR and Well WO Co.” is the leader among the independent oil servicing Companies in Russia in the amount of successfully performed side-track operations and construction of lateral well-bores. In total from the beginning of side-tracking jobs, the Company has performed more than 1600 operations. The additional oil production from these rehabilitated side tracked wells has made more than 17 million tons.
Average daily production rate from one rehabilitated well makes 27 t/day.
Side-tracking and lateral well-bore construction is one of the most effective methods in well work-over, which allows to achieve the reduced natural drop in oil production at depleted oil fields and essentially increases the oil recovery factor from, allows to return production wells back to operation, which due to several geological and technical reasons could not be brought into production through the performance of routine operations. Due to these methods the previously non-producing reservoir sectors as well as hard-to-recover oil reserves are brought back into production. In early years this was impossible. There appear the opportunity to perform further exploration and evaluation of oil reserves in the lower horizons without necessity to construct new wells.

Amount of Side Track Performed Operations to Drill Lateral Well-bores

1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
3 14 32 44 58 74 88 119 169 193 193 191
2010 2011 2012
1 Q.
210 233 51
Presently the staff of ОАО “EOR and Well WO Co” enumerates 18 crews to perform side tracking jobs, 10 crews to prepare and start-up the wells. The works are carried out by the Company skilled employees under the direction of professional tool-pushers and technical experts that allows to minimize an opportunity of making a well damage and to achieve the maximum efficiency during the jobs.
Side tracking is performed using the most advanced western and domestic equipment -  Cardwell КВ-210В, МБУ-125, ZJ-30, NOI-150 WO rigs, Brandt pumping and circulation system, GUKONG-HHGY, ЦС-4С of Russian make, drill pumps of Gardner Denver, АН-235/32. All side track drilling crews are equipped with ВСП-1600 top power drives. The Company also has the equipment of other leading world manufacturers, like power tons of Oil Country, Eckel, ГКШ.
Structure of ОАО “EOR and Well WO Co.” includes the specialized shops to mix-up and regenerate biopolymer solutions that are used for side tracking jobs. Among their premises one may see chemical labs carrying out all necessary kinds of drill mud and squeeze solution analysis. The industrial capacities of these shops allow in total to mix-up and regenerate biopolymer compositions in amount of up to 300 m3 at a time.