Environmental Safety

In its activity the Company pays the critical attention to the issues related to environment protection and safety.


In its activity АО “EOR and Well WO Co.” pay large attention in following the Labour Protection Rules at production areas and in ensuring environmental safety. Due to the fact that some works are performed at the territory of national parks in Siberia and at protected ecological zones, the issue of ecological safety stands the first while performing these jobs. All performed process operations and works are strictly monitored by the representatives of Environment Protection and Labour Safety Department personnel. While conducting the well work-over jobs and using various chemicals and their compositions with the purpose of exclude any spills and evaporations of harmful matters we use sealed tanks and equipment which excludes any liquid spills and pollutant emissions into atmosphere. Disposal of production wastes is carried out by their transfer to specialized waste disposal companies as per the conditions of the concluded contracts. Routine checks follow the work of WO and EOR crews for the observance of labour discipline, rules of labour protection and ecological safety.
In 2010 ОАО “EOR and Well WO Co” has received the international certificates on  quality of works in the sphere of ecological safety and labour protection - Certificate ISO 14001 and Certificate OHSAS18001.