Environmental Safety

In its activity the Company pays the critical attention to the issues related to environment protection and safety.


In 2009 the Company has reached and Agreement on cooperation with a group of “Riyada Consulting” from Bahrain. MOU was signed and a new company named “Oil Tech” (www.oiltechgroup) was organized to forward the Russian oil and gas procedures and services in the countries of the Middle East and Northern Africa. At present the parties have reached the arrangements to perform pilot test jobs at the fields of Bahrain together with “Nogaholding” and “Tatweer Petroleum” companies. Presently we carry out the pre-qualification works of “Oil Tech” Company at “Saudi Aramco”. Now we are arranging the conclusion of Agency Agreements on forwarding them in regions of “Oil Tech” activities.
The international activity of the Company is supervised by the Director on Perspective Business – Mr. Maxim N. Maiorov (Phone + 7(846)279-00-40, e-mail: maiorov@scrw.com).

2009/ Signing the Charter of “Oil Tech” Company (АО “EOR and Well WO Co.” is presented by Maxim N. Maiorov, “Riyada Consulting” Group – by Shaikha Dhaya bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa).

2009 г. подписание устава Oil Tech Company (от лица ОАО «УПНП и КРС» — Майоров М.Н., от лица Reyada Group — Shaikha Dhaya bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa).