Новиков Г.А.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

At present the major areas of Company activities include the works with side-tracks and drilling of the second well-bores as well as the wells work-over and enhanced oil recovery operations.

Gennady A. NOVIKOV

Director General of АО “EOR and Well WO Co.”

Миссия и стратегия

АО “EOR and Well WO Co.” sees its mission through active participation in dynamical development of oil service job market development in the area of well rehabilitation and well maintenance jobs as well as in enhancing oil recovery from these fields.

The strategy of the Company is aimed at keeping a steady position among the leading Russian and C.I.S. oil servicing companies to ensure dynamical growth of Company participation in area of the most claimed segments of oil service market

The realization of Company strategy is carried out through satisfying the needs of oil and gas production companies in high-quality, effective and duly well servicing jobs, in well rehabilitation through side-track drilling as well as in conducting the works aimed on reaching the maximum oil recovery from these fields.

Short-term Prospects
1.     To increase the scope of performed oil servicing jobs (work-over, side-tracking, EOR) at the territory of the Russian Federation.
2.     Constant improvement of procedures, increase in quality and efficiency of the performed jobs, increase of Company competitiveness at the market.
3.     Expansion of Company job site geography and search of new Clients both inside and outside Russia.
4.     Compliance with codes and rules on ecological job safety and fulfillment of all requirements in the area of industrial safety and labour protection during operations.
5.     Struggle for worthy and stable income, provision of social security for the Company employees and members of their families.