Новиков Г.А.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

At present the major areas of Company activities include the works with side-tracks and drilling of the second well-bores as well as the wells work-over and enhanced oil recovery operations.

Gennady A. NOVIKOV

Director General of АО “EOR and Well WO Co.”


We are the people who are doing their jobs quite well and get pleasure as a result of this work. We are proud of ourselves when someone admires the results of our work. We search for the adherents.
Our Company was organized in 1985 with the purpose to reduce oil well stand-by time at the fields of Western Siberia. At that time, almost two decades back, the issue in optimizing the operation of oil wells was an acute one. Today this problem has got higher importance and the huge work experience in this job sphere, gained by that time by Samara АО “EOR and Well WO Co.”, has allowed the Company to gain the leading positions in it presently important segment of oil industry.
The main strategic kind of Company activity is the rendering of services to oil companies in the area of well work-over, drilling of side tracks and improvement of the  most process advanced methods to perform enhanced oil recovery. Wide set of services in well work-over covers the complete cycle of well life from its commissioning stage to its abandonment.