Новиков Г.А.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

At present the major areas of Company activities include the works with side-tracks and drilling of the second well-bores as well as the wells work-over and enhanced oil recovery operations.

Gennady A. NOVIKOV

Director General of АО “EOR and Well WO Co.”

О компании

ZАО Samara “EOR and Well WO Co.” (Company on Enhanced Oil Recovery and Well Work-Over) is one of the largest independent service companies in Russian oil industry that carries out all kinds of jobs with all types of problems in the area of oil and gas well maintenance and work-over.

Founded in 1985 as an expedition team to perform the well repair and well service jobs providing the assistance in developing new oil fields in Western Siberia, now our Company is a wide-spectrum oil-servicing company that is specializing in Hi-Tech well work-over jobs, drilling of second well-bores, in enhanced oil recovery operations and jobs supervising.
The Company has a staff of highly skilled employees (more than 3,000 persons), own Company industrial bases (located in Samara Region, in Northern Arctic areas of Tyumen Region), own Company specialized trucks and vehicles (more than 320 units) and equipment, that allows independently to perform the complete set of service jobs covering all areas of wells’ operations from commissioning up to its abandonment.
For more than 27 year period of its development and integration in oil industry of the Russian Federation, our Company (“ZАО “EOR and Well WO Co.”) has earned worthy reputation among its customers, presented by the leading Russian oil and gas producing companies, like ОАО “Surgutneftegas”, ОАО “Rosneft”, ОАО “Gaspromneft”, etc., that is proved by the annually updated List of Job Orders and increasing scope of works carried out by our Company.
As of now our Company is one of the leaders in the sector of drilling the second well-bores (more than 1000 successful operations completed) and well work-over jobs (more than10000 effective well jobs). The incremental oil production from Company  rehabilitated and repaired wells makes more than 25 million tons of oil.